Animal rights activists cover themselves in blood red paint to protest Pamplona bull fighting

pamplonaSiobhan Fenton: “More than 100 semi-naked activists covered in blood red paint have launched a protest outside the entrance to a Spanish bullring. The protesters, some of whom wore bull horns, lay on the ground outside the entrance to the Pamplona bullring which hosts the famous Running of the bulls during the San Fermin festival. The event takes place every year from 6 to 14 July and has been criticised by some as promoting animal cruelty. The activists, from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and AnimaNaturalis, held up signs saying: “Pamplona’s streets are stained with bulls’ blood.”…. MORE

Endorsing the salvation of animals, Pope warns of Earth’s end

rp_stfrancis.jpgPhilip Almond: “In his encyclical,  [Pope Francis] declares that human dominion over nature confers a divinely decreed responsibility to care for the world rather than accords to people the right to do to the creation whatever they like. And he decisively breaks with any mechanistic view of nature. Each creature “reflects something of God”, he declares… This is a theme that reaches back through St Augustine to the beginnings of Christianity. This is a Heaven in which animals will find a home, as they did in the original Paradise – a place where “the wolf and the lamb shall feed together, the lion shall eat straw like the ox”, a place where pain and sorrow are no more. It is a time when this Earth will be no more”….


Mourning a Pet and Noah’s Rainbow

rp_kid-cat-HERO.jpgMichael Gilmour: “It’s embarrassing to admit how much the death of a pet hurts, to going on remembering them as though they really did matter. Better to grieve alone than risk someone saying or thinking, “it’s just a cat” or “just a dog.” “Get over it, forget about it.” But God remembers that cat or dog. Or rabbit or bird. Obviously the sense is different but it’s assuring to observe animal life is afforded great dignity in the first book of the Bible. There’s no equivalent to “it’s just a pet” in the poetry of Genesis…. 


Jesus Please Stop Animal Suffering

creation-icon-150x150Frank L. Hoffman: “Jesus please stop animal suffering is something that truly compassionate children of God are entreating the Lord to do. We pray this way, and we hear from other people all the time who pray this way, too, but we see only very slow changes in this direction, and more and more animals seem to be suffering and dying every year… Because our society has enormous wickedness in people’s hearts and souls, as witnessed by the warring madness and the tortured remains of animals that they eat and wear, God will not listen (or act upon our prayers), even when some of us are praying, “Jesus please stop animal suffering”… We believe that this is true of all personal prayers, which is why we keep encouraging people to repent and become peacemaking children of God who live in the heavenly will of God….


Meet The Compassionate Canadians Who Give It All To Animals

photodune-1097775-dog-paw-and-hand-shaking-s-e1358957029677-1200x747-150x150Christian Cotroneo: “If, as Gandhi suggested, our moral compass is measured in degrees of animal welfare, Canada certainly has a long way to go. Indeed, the horrors of factory farming — at least those depravities glimpsed in a spate of undercover videos released recently — demonstrate, perhaps, we’re heading in an ever-darker direction. Harrowing tales of puppy mills have hardly faded from the headlines… There’s also the unforgettable case of a Calgary man who exhibited a seemingly infinite capacity to inflict suffering on our fellow beings. Here’s to the good Canadians. The compassionate Canadians, who find kinship and connection with all creatures of this Earth…. MORE

Fur Is Back in Fashion and Debate

rp_MINK-IN-A-FUR-FARM.jpgAlex Williams: “Though many retailers still won’t touch fur, the number of fur outerwear products in stores (including faux fur and shearling) jumped by 74 percent as of November, compared with the previous year… Yet the anti-fur contingent remains vociferous… Dan Mathews, the senior vice president for media campaigns at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, noted that… “The fur trade focuses on young designers like PETA focuses on young consumers”… Over the years, PETA has marshaled an army of sympathetic designers: Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Vivienne Westwood, among others. The organization also rallies celebrities… to assist in “fur shaming”….


Can animals tell time?

favorite-smart-animal-in-150x150Sy Montgomery: “Without clocks or numbers, how do animals “count” time? Time was not the invention of humans. Time is nothing but regular cycles of motion… Time can also be measured by the decay of a scent, or by daily fluctuations of the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field (which may be how bees do it) or by some other method we have yet to discover… Creatures as small as bees do so… Ingeborg Beling, trained bees to visit a site at a given time, and found their internal timekeepers to be accurate to within 15 minutes — even when shielded from environmental cues, in experiments with constant temperature, light, and humidity. University of London researchers found that despite constant sunlight in the Arctic summer, bumble bees there stick to a daily schedule, returning to their underground nests well before midnight… But what does time feel like to another species?….


This Is The One Thing That People Never Understand About Cats

rp_379011745.jpgKiona Smith-Strickland: “You probably don’t know your cat as well as you think you do… Most people are pretty clueless about their cats’ lives… The truth is that cats are predators. Really, really cute predators, but predators nonetheless. For millions of years, they’ve evolved to hunt and kill small animals, and evolution did its job pretty well. From their eyes to the tips of their tails, cats are lean, mean, completely adorable hunting machines. Instinct drives cats to hunt, whether they’re stalking and pouncing a toy mouse or a real one. If cats are indoors, they’ll be much happier if they can pretend-stalk birds through a window or have lots of prey-simulating toys to attack. Of course, if they’re outdoors, with access to real, live prey, they’ll go on safari. That’s not a strike against cats. It’s just biology….


Rats Dream About the Places They Want to Explore

rat-150x150Kiona Smith-Strickland: “Can rats mentally map a new place before they’ve explored it? Can they, in some sense, “imagine”? That was what researchers set out to study. Rats, like humans, have dreams about the future. When they see a treat they can’t reach, rats’ later dreams depict them walking toward it, researchers have found. The discovery may one day provide some insight into what happens in the human mind during sleep….


Are Animals Global Citizens?

favorite-smart-animal-in-150x150Susan Sacirbey: “Until recent human evolution, the exploitation of animals has been rationalized by the notion of ownership and presumed utility to mankind, from necessity to luxury or even mere pleasure. Perhaps though as part of our notion of guardians of our environment and fellow creatures, we should recognize that the dominion is neither absolute not without responsibility to all animals as global citizens. If there is a Divine Authority, then it must come with the recognition that we are all part of such creation. Before we exploit animals, the burden of proof increasingly shifts upon us to justify such use, whether God is presumed or we simply seek to develop our society in manner progressive for mankind….